I know quality and to be able to get high-end merchandise for a fraction of the cost is a dream come true. The outlets will have to re-stock; if there was anything fabulous there, I think I bought it.

Tanya K.
Washington, DC

Tales From The Sales: Our Clients Speak!

We can not thank you enough for all the wonderful personal trips you have designed for our private groups. You have completed mastered the art of traveling with groups and pay direct attention to every detail. The coordination of hotels, flights, coach between cities, designer outlets, excursions and the list goes on, is phenomenal. 



Everyone in the group was amazed with the May/June 2015 trip, and it made for a great honeymoon as well. The group experienced a true taste of Italy and all it had to offer! The deals from shopping along with the VAT refund is an awesome experience for those who love to shop. We saved thousands shopping all over Italy and look forward to the next trip soon! 



You are Top Notch and I would not attempt to travel to ITALY without you! 





Greta S.
Atlanta, GA




The trip that you put together for us was spectacular! We toured England and learned about its history. We saw all of the main attractions, including stopping by Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guards and touring Kensington and Blenheim Palaces. We also shopped at the Bicester Village Outlet Mall. My favorites on the trip were tea at Blenheim Palace, the special dinner cruise on the Thames River and the perfume workshop. My sons loved the cologne that I created for them! But I will never forget the surprise and pleasure of meeting fashion designer Jacques Azagury, the designer of dresses for Princess Diana and other high profile clients. It was such an honor and privilege to be in Mr. Azagury's dress shop and to have an opportunity to speak with him. He was so welcoming, treating us as though we were clients who could actually afford the dresses he designed! 



This was my third time traveling with Shop Around Tours. I keep coming back because you are great at what you do. You take care of everything, from the nice hotels, to the comfortable transportation, to the fabulous tours and shopping. You share information and make sure we are aware of everything we need to know to make our stay perfect! My only responsibility is to come and have a wonderful travel and shopping experience. In the words of Jackie, this is why we travel with Shop Around Tours! 

Thomasenia M.
Woodbridge, VA 


The London trip was so well-organized and fun. Deborah is an awesome tour leader. We experienced a variety of activities and they were all enjoyable: outlet shopping, great meals, tea at a palace, a dinner cruise on the Thames and much more. I went on my own and the group was very friendly and warm. I will definitely go on another trip with Deborah!


Debbie K.
Cypress, CA 



Thank you for making our trip so special and memorable! I really enjoyed the shopping, travelling across Italy, and the great folks in the group. But I especially enjoyed our trip to Tuscany and the vineyard! It was awesome!! I can't stop talking about the trip and how knowledgeable you were with Italy's culture and the advice that you provided regarding the outlet malls and stores. I can't wait to travel with you again! 


Thomasenia M.
Woodbridge, VA 

We shopped for fabulous things, ate marvelous food, and laughed our way through four Italian cities. Deborah took care of all the details, and allowed us to spend our time having fun.

This is such a unique trip. There is no way we could have found these bargains and covered the ground we did without her expertise. In addition, I lost three pounds....probably from trying to keep up with the "black belt" shoppers!


Dorothy B.
Panama City Beach, FL

I bought a Prada bag at the outlet and when I checked online it was more than TWICE what I paid! Great deal, great trip, great people, it was a trip everyone should do!


Amy B.
Cockeysville, MD 

The third time with Shop Around Tours was a charm!!!!! We looked forward to this trip for years. Yes, years. My friend and I, who are true "black-belt shoppers," were part of the first group ten years ago to venture into shopping mecca. Make no mistake, there is no way to travel safer or be with "like kind" people anywhere. We came, we bought and we made great friends, plus brought home extra suitcases and plenty of goodies and "tighter pants"! Do your homework, and book this trip. We are already planning our 4th one.


Ann B.
Washington D.C. 

Thanks so much for allowing me (and my nieces plus their friend) the opportunity to experience four wonderful cities in Italy!
Since arriving home I have enjoyed wearing my DVF silk & cashmere scarf as well as my Prada rain hat. I truly enjoy using the cream that I purchased at La Tessitura. Who knew silk could be added to body cream. The palms of my hands and soles of my feet have never felt so soft! I noticed that my $450 black suede knee hi Gucci boots are worth $800-$1,000 here in NY. Even though the dollar was weak we were able to find deals!
I would like to especially thank you for the group celebration of my niece's 28th birthday in Rome! It was so thoughtful and a surprise she'll never forget.     
Happy Travels & Best Regards,           
Edith M.
Fresh Meadows, NY 

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip!!! The trip exceeded our expectations - everything was perfect. You had the trip down to a "t" - the shopping was terrific, the leather factory and silk factory were real interesting, Verrazzano was the best, and everything worked like clockwork. Bea has been on 20 tours and this was the smoothest of them all.

We couldn't have done this without you and are delighted that we found you!

We cannot wait for our second Shop Around Tour!

Nancy G.
South Orange, NJ

Bea G.
Honolulu, HI

The Tuscany Tour was just fantastic. I can't thank you enough for your expertise and your patience. You really know your shopping! It was truly a memorable trip. Aside from all of the great shopping, I especially loved the afternoon spent at Castello Di Verrazzano in Tuscany. I can't stop thinking of the food and wine that we had there. It was just a fantastic break from the touring, shopping and our hectic lives in general. I am looking forward to another Shop Around trip.

Marlene G.
Forest Hills, NY

Words cannot describe what a wonderful time we had with you and the group in Italy. It exceeded my wildest expectations! You did indeed plan a most wonderful trip. It was a great group and we easily bonded with the extraordinary women who accompanied us. I will reminisce and enjoy the memories all winter long.....and far beyond that.

I can't thank you enough or say enough about the tremendous amount of work you did to make this tour so memorable, so exciting, so lovely, so special. It was simply stellar!!! The lunch at Verrazzano was beautiful beyond words and I do believe the high spot in the trip for me. I'll never forget that magnificent view and beautiful winery. It was exactly what I imagined Tuscany would be like.

Thank you so much for all the hard work and care you put into the tour.

Gratefully and fondly,

Annette H.
Norfolk, VA

Thank you for making my first trip to Italy a memorable one. I am so pleased with each and every purchase I made. The wine tour and lunch were wonderful! The trip was everything I hoped for and more! I certainly hope that I am able to take another tour in the near future. Again, thank you for everything!

Glo G.
Washington, DC

Thanks for a beautifully organized trip which was a lot of fun as well as great shopping!

Looking forward to the next time,

Michele W.
Dublin, Ireland

It was really a fabulous trip. I enjoyed the bus rides and seeing so much of the country as well as the malls we got to. I may frame my Kelly bag and just look at it. All of us had a wonderful time. We really enjoyed the area around the hotel and even rode on the double-decker merry-go-round in the park. What a delightful town.

Thanks again,

Maxine B.
Portland, OR
Just a note to say thanks again for leading such a fabulous trip! You've created a wonderful, non-judgemental environment for all of us bag-loving, shoe-hoarding, fashion-craving women - and we are all eternally grateful!

Kate H.
Arlington, VA
This was the best trip ever. Mary Ann and I had more fun than we ever imagined and want to thank you for being such a great guide and shopping enthusiast. Not only was the shopping great, the weather wonderful, but also you put together a group on kindred spirit shoppers that were so much fun. We are still laughing about many of the events and comments.

Thank you so very much for one of the best trips I have ever had. I am sure you will see us again.

Ann M.
Houston, TX

It was such a pleasure being on this tour. It was one of the most memorable and beautiful trips I've ever taken. I can't stop talking about the shopping, the food, the sights. Thanks for being such a wonderful tour guide and such a great person. Nicole and I can't wait to schedule our next trip!

Natasha B.
Philadelphia, PA

Deborah, I wanted to personally thank you for your patience and the experience. This message comes to you from a true shopper and to say that the shopping alone paid for the trip is an understatement. I don't normally participate in tours and have traveled to Italy many times prior and this trip doesn't compare. Only a true designer shopper will understand. After this trip I will not shop again in the United States. I know quality and to be able to get high-end merchandise for a fraction of the cost is a dream come true. The Prada, Gucci and Yves St. Laurent outlets will have to re-stock; if there was anything fabulous there, I think I bought it.

This is a plea to my fellow designer shoppers: if you would like to shop, and I mean really shop, designer merchandise for a fraction of the cost than this tour is for you. As they say, an educated consumer is our best customer and an educated designer shopper will be dangerous here. They did not have enough space on the plane to bring back some of the great finds. Maybe the next time we will need to take my own plane :). Could be quite expensive, but the bargains will pay for it. Just when I though it could not get any better, I arrived at Castello Di Verrazzano in Tuscany - or was this a dream? I still believe this was the highlight and a nice break from shopping - shoppers do need short breaks, LOL, it was awesome. For the real shoppers, this is a MUST. I look forward to seeing you on future trips.

Tanya K.
Washington, DC

Thank you for organizing such a fabulous shopping tour. You've made our first trip to Italy an enviable one - filled with retail therapy, amazing deals from the best designers, a satisfying wine tour and wonderful people. I'm still boasting to all my friends and family about all our great buys. We're even seriously considering making Shop Around Tours an annual event. Why shop anywhere else?

Mylissa T. and Steven M.
Newton, MA

I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful expedition! We had a great time and met wonderful people. When I got back home I went online to check the retail price of the Prada purse I bought. To my surprise, it was $1,525 and I bought it for 420 Euros ($491!!!). Thanks again. You can be sure we will recommend this trip to everyone.

Connie D.
Bradenton, FL

I wanted to take this time to say thank you! I was terrified about traveling to Europe for the first time by myself with a bunch of strangers, but it turned out to be one of the most rewarding trips I've made so far. You put me at ease with every e-mail before the trip, and welcomed me with a warm smile at the airport. While in Italy, I enjoyed the company of great women and you constantly checked on your "newbie" to make sure I was having a good time. I have walked away from this experience with some fabulous bargains, extra pounds (from all that delicious pasta), hilarious memories, and friendships that will be dear to me for the rest of my life. Thank you Shop Around Tours, and see you soon!

Yisel V.
Bronx, NY

Thanks for a wonderful trip. When we got home, we found that the Prada bag my mother bought for a little over $400 goes for $1,500 here in the U.S. and I found something similar to my wonderful Dolce & Gabbana suit (for which I paid $426 at the outlet) at a department store for $1,750. Loved the savings... and of course all of the great buys!

Holly D.
Holland , PA

Our fifth trip to Italy and the best! Deborah’s itinerary, personal care and attention to detail was outstanding. The highlight of the trip was the day spent at Castello di Verrazzano - magnifico!!

Randi and David W.
Del Ray Beach, FL

I had a wonderful time in Italy. Deborah did an amazing job with the itinerary. She knew exactly when to hit the shops and restaurants and gave us plenty of free time to explore on our own.

The selection and prices on designer goods in Italy is simply unbeatable. The trip easily paid for itself! A highlight for many of us on the tour was the Prada Outlet. At the Prada Outlet I walked away with a winter coat, three bags, and 5 pairs of boots for $1500 (before the 20% VAT refund). When I returned to the United States I noticed that one of the three bags that I had purchased for $275 was selling at a famous NYC store for $1295. I also purchased a few pairs of black Prada Sport boots for $42, a mere fraction of their $395 price in the United States. Everyone on the trip found great bargains like the ones I mentioned above. If you love Italian designers, this trip is a must!

Jennifer L.
New York, NY

With my Prada bag on one side and my mother on the other, I could not think of a better vacation. This was far more than a shopping tour. It was an experience of a lifetime filled with laughter among new friends and a touch of history. Shopping in Italy is a woman's ultimate pastime and who betterto enjoy this experience with but your mother! Shop Around Tours gave us enough memories of Italy to yearn for more. A trip to Italy should definitely be on everyone's "Must Do" list.

Roxanne H.
South Hempstead, NY

Deborah really knows how to cater to mothers and daughters who like to shop. We chatted on the way to upscale outlets in luxury buses that afforded us the pleasure of not having to worry about traffic or directions. We dined and wined on the finest feasts in between--with no worry of overdoing it and driving. Then we shopped again--on happy stomachs! I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and patience.

Renee K.
Engelwood, CO

I had a great time in Italy. Your expertise on the different outlets and products was a great help. I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and patience.

Isabella F.
Rutherford, NJ

The Italy tour was wonderful. We did the most important things that we enjoy doing together, i.e. shopping, eating and sightseeing. Time spent together for a week brought us even closer together. We exchanged opinions when shopping, shared food when eating and laughed and joked. We also made some wonderful friends on the tour. Every one was so friendly and relaxed. We are presently planning another trip with another mother and daughter we had met on the trip. Memories on this trip will last a life time and hope to experience the same good time on another trip soon.

Sandra and Melissa T.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Your warm and personable style makes for a memorable experience and your selection of the outlets we visited was excellent!

Yvonne R.
Newark, NJ

I had no idea what to expect from this trip and never could imagine how great and how much fun it would be. Thank you so much for a lifelong memory. I am still laughing from the good times with the lovely people I met and thank you for the wonderful places we visited. I can't wait to join you again on another trip.

Kathy B.
Long Island, NY

When I received an email from a friend about Shop Around Tours, I was very excited about the prospect of joining a travel tour that is all about shopping; especially in Italy! Unfortunately, my schedule is not flexible and I realized that the tour traveled on dates that would conflict with my work and school commitments. Thankfully, Shop Around Tours was kind enough to create a personal Italy shopping tour for my family and I. We didn't have to worry about where to stay or how to drive from point A to point B; they helped us organize the hotels and provided us with the directions on how to travel within our destination cities.

Needless to say, the sights and architecture of Italy were breathtaking. However, what really made our vacation most worthwhile were Shop Around's recommendations on shopping locales. The prices were amazing and selection was endless. From designer wear at commercial outlets to discount stores that only the locals would be privy to. Shop Around Tours provided us with addresses and information that our friends and family are trying to bribe us for!

Thank you again for putting together this memorable trip for us. It was truly a luxury to have experienced Italy without hassle and also to come home with suitcases full of clothes!

Fiona W.
Rochester, New York

Shop Around Italy
Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome
March 11-19, 2017

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